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15 March 2016 Written by Cities Tours 1937
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Capital of Tuscany and center of the Renaissance, Florence is one of the most important cities Palazzo Vecchio of Italy and the world. The history of the city is also the story of a big family, the ‘Medici’, thanks to which today we can admire the oldest and richest museum in the world: the Uffizi. florenceNot far away is ‘Piazza della Signoria’, the heart of the city, with its wonderful ‘Palazzo della Signoria’ and the many statues that adorn the square, the most famous of which is the Michelangelo’s David (the original is preserved in the Museo dell’Accademia). Not to be missed is a visit to the Duomo with its dome constructed by Brunelleschi and Giotto’s Bell Tower. A stop at Piazzale Michelangelo is: from there you can admire the entire city and its splendor. Florence is also famous for the fashion houses, the production of leather, shoes and many jewelers located on the Ponte Vecchio. The tour continues visiting the historical center of Fiesole, one of the most important city of Etruscan origin, which stands on a hill 300 meters above the town.florence2 The late eighteenth century Fiesole was one of the place preferred by foreigners living in Italy, who T at the time bought the villas of the Florentine nobility, Palazzo Vecchio renovating and equipping them with beautiful gardens. Center of town is the Piazza Mino da Fiesole, with the imposing Romanesque cathedral.florence3 Near the square is the entrance to the Teatro Romano. Besides the theater, perfectly preserved, are the remains of a necropolis of the Roman baths and several other buildings of late-imperial period, but the real attraction is the wonderful view of Florence from the Church of San Francesco. You can reach the church by a steep but short climb from the main square. In 90 B.C. there was the acropolis, where today there is the Convent of San Francesco.

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